I have always loved food. From the preparation to the consumption of all things edible. Nothing is too big for my palate. No dish is too meager nor too extravagant. I love it all. I admire those who possess the artistic talents to prepare an elaborate 7 course meal as equally as the short order cook at a diner flipping burgers and doling them out in mass.

I have dabbled in the professional kitchen as a sous chef and personal catering.  I’ve competed in national BBQ competitions and drove an Ice Cream truck for a summer. I even  contemplated attending culinary school.  I frequently prepare meals for my own home table where I painstakingly craft an old recipe or experiment with an original. I’ll read anything on the topic of food and watch any television or movie food related. I am an eager dining out companion. Always willing to try a new restaurant or greasy spoon to satisfy this lifelong  journey I have bestowed upon myself. When I travel, I seek out local eateries and the mom & pop places that have built the foundation for the ultimate melting pot of food options in America.

This is an attempt to share some of these visits and my thoughts along the way.


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