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Chocolate covered bacon?

January 11, 2010

Bacon makes it better.  This fine salty cut of swine makes breakfast better either next to scrambled eggs, a fluffy omelette or a short stack of pancakes. It’s the crown in the club sandwich. It takes the burger to a new level of flavor and it adds an element of class to the filet mignon and scallop.  We add it to appetizers and as crumbled condiment on a salad. Bacon is good.

On New Years eve this year I had a variation of our swine friend with…chocolate? Really? Chocolate? And it true to form it made it better. The nice blend of sweet/salty and creamy/crispy was an explosion of fun and flavor in my mouth. Not something I’d have often mind you as too much bacon is no good fro anyones body but this rare holiday treat worked fine for me. And probably the next time I stumble across it on an appetizer spread at some future party.

Chocolate Bacon