Breakfast for dinner

I cannot stand the thought of throwing food away.  Not because I grew up hearing the old “There’s starving children in Africa” routine. Though that is a serious issue and I encourage everyone to give back once in while. Nor is it due to my Scotch Heritage as my father used to say whenever he needed to justify his frugality. I think most of it stems from my brief period working in the restaurant industry.  There’s a reason a lot of places have fish specials on Monday to unload the remaining weekend supply before it spoils and the restaurant has to throw it out.  That’s literally like throwing money down the drain.

Enter Leftovers. Many  creative chefs thrive on having to use what’s leftover and invent a new dish. The results can be tasty and conceptually brilliant. Often very simple with only a few ingredients. Tonight at home for me and my fiance was one such night. We had made Tilapia Taco’s on Sunday night and had leftover salsa and Mexican Melting cheese in the fridge. I also found some bacon leftover from an appetizer she had made earlier that week. Through some creative magic, they were transformed into what my lovely quickly named; Fiesta Eggs. Basically an egg scramble mixed with cream cheese and salsa. For a side I threw together a few diced potatoes for hash browns with the Mexican Melting cheese and bacon.   A fresh English Muffin and big glass of ice tea to wash it all down. Breakfast for dinner. Now if I can only figure out what to do with the leftover shredded cabbage….

Fiesta eggs with cheesy bacon hash browns


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