You have chosen unwisely.

One thing I fear when eating out is ordering wrong or poorly. I hate it when I get an unsatisfying meal. Tonight I went to one of my usual diners and decided to try something new. I’m not going to mention the name of the place as normally they are one of my favorites and I’m not mad at them per se but rather my poor selection. I tried one of their new wraps which according to the menu sounded like something right up my alley. I was sadly disappointed. What arrived simply did not live up to the detailed and intriguing description. Needless to say, I will not be ordering that dish again.

This fear haunts me though. It can sometimes literally debilitate me and drive any server nuts. I’ve been known to sit and vacillate over menu options and deliberate for 20 minutes or more. This also drives my dinner companions nuts too. The reason or silly logic as my mind has justified it is, that I do not want to happen to me what happened tonight. A meal that I don’t like. Some would call this obsessive behavior of mine manic and neurotic. But try as I might, I cannot help myself.  I try to remind my brain that it really doesn’t matter and that there is always another meal in my future so why fuss and stress over this one. So tonight, I fought that urge and ordered quickly only to find my worst fears regarding food became my reality.

Assuming I live to see tomorrow nights dinner, 24 hours can’t come soon enough. Hopefully this time I will choose wisely.


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